Oct 08 2008

Vets In Astana

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(This post isn’t sponsored, nor did I mention that I would write this post to them).

If you find yourself in need of a vet in Astana, the options are sometimes a little scary. The previous one we visited was in the basement of a building, through filthy corridors, into a not much cleaner office that the vet rented. To be fair, he seemed like a nice man, and probably did his best to look after the animals, however the dirt in a place that should be close to sterile REALLY put us off.
As I recently mentioned, Karra and Muska needed to be spayed, and Irina was concerned that the only other vet she knew of was where an older cat of hers had passed away. However, after speaking to a few friends, we decided to visit the Cat and Dog specialist “Zoosfera” (someone remind me to use the proper Cyrillic characters once I’ve converted the MySQL tables, please).
Their address is House 10, Micro Region 2, Astana – not too far from the big Eurasia market, nr. Orbita. You can contact them on 8 7172 344585 or 8 7172 365425 . They also had some pet rodents that they had been looking after, so I assume its OK to ask if you don’t have a cat or dog etc. to help out. There were two vet-like ladies there, and a receptionist who also seemed to know a little about the subject. The place was clean, they had all the medicines they needed in stock, and actually seemed to care about the animals, rather than seeing them as purely a source of income.
Like I said, this post was written because I wanted to help out anyone else who might need a safe vet and no money/discount was given for this info to be published.

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