May 11 2011

Veggie Patches, Squeaking & Varnish

Category: Anna's VideosChrisM @ 6:52 pm

Heading over to Ira’s parents’ house again on the 22nd of May 2010, Anna had a chance to play in the back garden, inspect her decking, play area, sandpit and little house (I wrote this part of the post having just checked the YouTube thumbnails, upon closer inspection of the clips, it appears these weren’t yet in place). The chair featured in yesterday’s post also had a twin residing in Chubary.
Initially however, it looks as though Anna fancied a walk around the huge fruit and vegetable patch instead.

The second clip is another of Anna playing with her chair. Having been told again to sit on it properly, she decides it will be more fun to make Irina worry about her carrying it around instead.

The final video for this post is Anna again producing funny sounds, and wondering the source from which they originated. Not entirely sure why she is told not to push the seat around at the end? Perhaps the varnish on the wood hadn’t finished drying out yet?

Another case where a video from the next day matches an existing post, so here is one from the 23rd. Anna seems torn between looking at the flower windmill thing and grabbing the camera from Ira again.

Another similar couple of videos from the 29th of May. It looks as though the play house had arrived by this point, as you can just see it in the background of the second clip.