Mar 07 2008

Valid Complaint Or Storm In A Tea Cup?

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 3:15 am

I bookmarked this article a while back, but forgot to write a post for it, apologies. Anyway, check the image below and then read on…

CeBit Discrimination Or Not

Tam Hanna does not like the fact that this year’s CeBit tradeshow (covered briefly on BBC World’s Click program) apparently discriminated journalists whose output was electronic, rather than the traditional ink and paper of newspapers & magazines. On first reading, I can see her point – why should a group of writers be seen as separate, perhaps even second class, simply because they publish online? Upon reading the comments there, however, I think a little more logic leaked into my thought process. If Tam had written about recent (sorry, but quoting events from 2000 seems a tad OTT) actual discrimination beyond the two words on the pass, I’d have been more disturbed. As it stands, it just seems like she was looking for link-bait?

Mission accomplished 🙂 CeBit discrimination.