Feb 22 2008

Upgraded All Blogs To WP 2.3.3 …

Category: WiFiChrisM @ 3:10 am

and this time round it was a lot quicker. I had looked at a couple of plugins that attempted to automate the process last year, but they either required more coding expertise than I felt comfortable reaching for, or shell access to my server, which I’ve yet to enable (I need to e-mail a scan of my driving license first).
Anyway, head on over to Techie Buzz to read more about it. It saves me time upgrading 20 blogs to a new version of WordPress in a number of ways; I don’t need to download the new install locally first, and I also don’t need to upload the decompressed version 20 different times via FTP. Unfortunately the fully automated procedure does not work with my config, but I hope to try and assist the author with that matter once I’ve finished importing all my old web site articles into the new blogs that are sitting ready and blank right now. The ‘manual’ option still saved a lot of time, and automates backups beforehand, so should anything go wrong, it should be reasonably easy to roll back. Anyway, with the plugin in place, and known to be working, the next time even a minor (2.2.x etc.) update is released, I can not have to lose so much time upgrading all the sites.