Feb 21 2010

Until The Update…

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 5:57 am

As you may remember, I recently mentioned that the update to the SEO Search Terms plugin recently implemented that any search terms used to find your blog that had not scored a hit in over 30 days would be deleted from the database. This obviously helps minimize the impact of the plugin on database size, but for those of us without huge amounts of search-based traffic, the lost data seemed a shame. The author has replied, and explained that although this feature request will be fulfilled in a future release, a stop gap measure would be to alter the following line

23 $sql = 'DELETE FROM '.$wpdb->prefix.'stt2_meta WHERE date(last_modified) < date(now()-interval 30 day);';

Just in case anyone has already installed this plugin, but hadn't been keeping up to date with the comment's on the plugin's page at the author's site, I wanted to mention it here as well.