May 28 2008

(Un?)Lucky Traveller

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One passenger who arrived in Japan’s Narita airport left with a little present from customs in their luggage – just over five ounces of weed! Before any friends start making travel plans, I should point out that this was a mistake, not some sort of bizarre lottery. The story is that a customs official placed the cannabis (no one seems to know what strain it was) in a member of the public’s suitcase; normally this is done with dummy suitcases, to check that the sniffer dogs were capable of detecting narcotics.
Unfortunately, the dog on patrol did not notice the marijuana, and as the drug had been wrongly placed in a ‘live’ suitcase, rather than the normal airport’s own property, it left the airport.

Sad Dog

Some sources have placed the value of the drugs at £5000, though this seems as though the press are doing their normal no-clue guesstimate, as this would mean each Oz was worth £1000. This would mean an eighth cost £125 – not even premium bud comes anywhere near that value, unless Japan has a truly horrendous mark up on their grass.

Wow, turns out that price may not have been so unrealistic – IF they sold it in teenths, rather than bulk…

Japan Overpriced Weed

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