Feb 16 2011

United Kingdom vs Great Britain vs England

Category: VideosChrisM @ 5:08 pm

OK, returning to some videos that I’ve been want to embed on this blog for a while, here we have a pretty succinct summary of what Great Britain is. Actually it is a lot more than that, though you’ll need to be awake and ready before hitting play – he talks very quickly. Before coming to Kazakhstan, I hadn’t really realised just how much people didn’t understand that Great Britain did not mean the same thing as English. It isn’t something that demands you have a degree to comprehend, but a lot of people here don’t click that England, Wales and Scotland are countries within a country. Sort of. The video explains this (and a great deal more including the common wealth and other related terms) a lot better than I can, however Lucky, if you’re read this, I finally have a proper answer to your claims that the UK was the only proper country, and that Wales and Scotland didn’t count 🙂