Aug 13 2007

UK And Kazakh Mains Plugs – Spike, Brownout And Blackout Protection

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:09 pm

It took a while, but I now have the electrical sockets sorted under the PC desk. Given the mix of requirements (UK and Kazakh sockets both required, surge protection for delicate devices, surge protection and blackout protection for the PC, monitor & router etc.) it took a while to figure out a way to meet all the needs without overloading any sockets, current wise. I ended up having the two UPSs taking a socket each; the UPS that has a failing battery is being used for surge protection, and minimal black out protection for the PC’s powered USB hub & router, with a 6 way UK adapter plugged in, the new UPS has the PC itself and the monitor attached. The other two mains sockets have a standard Kazakh surge protector attached, and one simple non-surge protected UK 8-way mains adapter.
As there are 19 devices requiring AC around the PC desk, and another three that sometimes are plugged in, it took some time to plug them all in without risking the circuit breaker flipping. Sadly, all the Kazakh mains plugs do not hav in-built fuses, in the way British ones do, so you need to be careful not to risk damaging sensitive equipment. Over by the TV, the situation is a lot simpler – everything is plugged into one Kazakh surge protector, as none of the equipment has UK plugs.
Obviously I have re-wired as many UK appliances with Kazakh mains plugs as possible, but where the plug is itself an AC/DC transformer, this is not always possible.

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