Mar 06 2009

Tummy Time And Settling To Sleep

Category: Anna's Videos,PersonalChrisM @ 11:50 pm

So, as previously mentioned, I don’t have access to the hard drive with Anna’s photos on right now; I have decided to use this opportunity to catch up with some of her videos instead. These were taken back in Britain, as you’ll be able to see from Anna’s size.
This first one I think was recorded when she had her first experience of being on her front, rather being held/lying on her back. She has obviously come on leaps and bounds since this video – she can now roll onto her back by herself, and recently decided that rolling from there onto her back again would be a good idea! This increase in movement ability is brilliant – unless you are trying to change her nappy at the time, or she is falling asleep (we put her on her back as per medical advice, but sometimes she’ll flip over again and again. 8 months is apparently roughly an ok stage at which to leave them sleeping on their tummies if they really prefer it.)

Secondly, we have some video shot whilst walking Anna around the backyard in Clydach, trying to help her get to sleep.

There are quite a few videos of this, so if you’re viewing this on the front page, and don’t particularly want to see the others, no need to click the link below…

OK, I’ve just seen part 2, which is four seconds long and of nothing. Apologies for the lack of proper editing etc. done before uploading, but as I was uploading 170 odd videos, I’m afraid I just threw them all up. Only those that have already been published have been marked as publicly viewable, so you’ll have to wait for the others.

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