Apr 09 2008

Truly Shocking Photos From Down Under!

Category: PicturesChrisM @ 10:17 pm

No, Alex hasn’t decided to branch out into other forms of photo blogging in an attempt to gain male readers. Instead, I came across an Aussie who likes to create high voltage circuits, and photo the results.

Laptop HV Protection

Some, such as the shot above, involve long exposures and physical light filters in front of the camera lens (to achieve a coloured spark), but none of them have been ‘photoshopped’ at all.

The image that originally caused me to find the man’s site was this one –

Car Protection

The best part about that shot for me? It wasn’t his, it was a rental! He did think to purchase extra insurance beforehand, though I’m not certain how you’d fill in the appropriate ‘accident’ report forms had something gone wrong.

Finally, what I’m assuming is similar in theory to a Faraday cage…
Dalek Cage

Ooops, forgot to link to the site itself – Tesla Down Under.