Jun 01 2009

Truly Back At Ours Again

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:44 am

Having been at the in-laws for around a fortnight, we should be moving all our stuff over Monday morning, with the idea of actually moving in the same day. Whilst it has been great to see and live with Ira’s parents again, it will be nice to be moving back into our own space, even if our daily routine doesn’t actually change that much (babies are a universal modifier of regular activities I guess 🙂 ). I’ll try and grab a photo of all the boxes, suitcases and bags that are being carted over, as quite how we’ve managed to accumulate so much stuff is a mystery.

Oh, one final thing before I head to bed… Any biology geeks out there, could you double check my calculations for me? We have just started using tonight a mosquito killer liquid. You can see it second from the bottom here – http://www.komarov.net/nezh.html . I looked up the World Health Organization’s report on the active ingredient here – http://www.who.int/whopes/quality/en/Esbiothrin_spec_eval_Oct_2004.pdf . If I read it correctly, a baby weighing around 6-7 kilos should have absolutely no problem with the substance, given that the bottle lasts approx. 45 days (not sure whether thats on a 24/12/8 hour usage cycle in any one day), contains 30ml, of which the chemical makes up approx 1.7% .
Anyway, enough of the maths/chemistry/biology for now, I need some sleep as Ira’s Dad’s workers are coming around 10am to give us a hand shifting this lot.

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