Oct 28 2008

Tom’s Blog

Category: FriendsChrisM @ 3:04 am

Readers of our friend Tom’s blog ( http://lifeof2me.blogspot.com/ ) may have noticed that posting has slowed down a little recently. With his multiple projects (teaching, making and selling his clothing lines and contra dancing), it looks as though letting us know about all the New York movers and shakers has taken a back seat. Can’t really blame him, I’m just looking forward to reading more regular posts when the next sales season is over 🙂
You’ll need to click the August and July archive links for the foreign (Aghanistan and Tajikistan) posts. Quite why blogspot/blogger blogs don’t have the Previous/Older post link (like most WordPress blogs) at the bottom of each page I’ve never understood. Maybe it is a theme dependent option, and most don’t have it?

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