Jan 25 2011

Tomatoes And Roses

Category: Eating Out,Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 10:03 pm

I’m pretty sure that a friend of ours told us about this site a long time ago, but for some reason today is the first time I’ve actually visited it. I started this post a few hours ago, and keep getting distracted with “I’ll just read another page there”. Anyway, if reviews of companies, services and other businesses here in Kazakhstan interest you, check out Pomidor. The reviews are all in Russian, so either use Chrome (which should ask at the top of the page if you want it translated), or paste the address of the review you’re interested in into an online translation service, or learn Russian 🙂
Anyway, I ended up there when I was checking out who else ranked well in Google for the search term Guns & Roses Astana (which has recently bought me a few visitors from search engines, as well as skype scams!)
It would appear that if Guns & Roses have their own website, SEO isn’t a primary concern for them, as I’m currently at #1! Anyway, fourth in the list was a Pomidor(which means tomato by the way)-based review from an unhappy customer. It seems that a few people have had their reservations cancelled at the last minute. Anyway, I wish that ranking that well for the establishment gave me some chance of a discount card or free meal for a fuller review (which I’d obviously disclose), but that sort of thing doesn’t tend to happen over here!