Jan 21 2009

Tom The Pilot

Category: Friends,Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 8:21 pm

Here we have a picture from back in May 2008, when we finally got to meet Tom #2 in Astana. We’d been in contact for a while over Skype, and this was the first opportunity he’d had whilst rostered with an Astana leg in his flights. As you may guess from the facial expression, we ensured our throats weren’t too dry whilst eating at the Face Pub, by drinking a fair amount.

Tom Chris Face Pub Astana

Tom Chris Face Pub Astana

(querying the post title? The first Tom we met in Kazakhstan was an American non-pilot person, this Tom was second in line, and so labelled Tom the Pilot in our house, to simplify matters. Oh, and yes this Tom is indeed a pilot…)

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