Jun 04 2007

Tiscali – Still A Bad Idea

Category: In The Media,Internet Connections,PersonalChrisM @ 5:49 pm

Way back when, I worked for an ISP (Affinity – the first company to go bankrupt and owe me wages) that fronted the technical support, customer service, and in some cases, network hardware for many ISPs in Britain. For a while, we provided support for Tiscali customers. You often found them to be a little less eloquent that other ISP’s customers – they would get very annoyed if we asked for more information than simply stating “it don’t work”. That said, I’d never wish their current levels of service on anyone, not even the worst of the moaners we had.

According to the Register, Tiscali have clarified their provided e-mail service to customers – It is free, so stop moaning if it doesn’t work!!! Even during the worst days at Affinity we didn’t use that sort of line on customers…
With the company attempting to ensure customers stay with them for the minimum length of their contract, and not use e-mails disappearing as an ‘excuse’ to leave, and their public relations approach on forums, I’m glad I never recommended them to anyone.

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