Aug 30 2007

Tima Doing Well…

Category: Dasha&Kittens,PicturesChrisM @ 3:48 am

These are the photos we took of Dasha and Tima last weekend, when Balzhan, Ildar, Sasha, Dr. Natalya, Sveta, Losha, Igor & his wife, as well as Asen’s mum all came round randomly on one day!

First we have the traditional weigh in, which shows he has almost doubled in one week!
Tima Kitten Dasha Weigh

Next we have a couple of close up shots of mother and son
Tima Dasha Close Up Tima Dasha Close Up 2

Now we have Dasha investigating what exactly is going on with the grey plastic box these weird humans keep putting in her box…
Dasha Checking Camera Out

Finally we have Ira holding Tima, to try and give an idea of scale
Ira Tima
PS Sorry for any blog readers who don’t find kittens cute. Tough. I do 😛

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