Oct 20 2011

Tim Has Arrived!

Category: Personal,Tim's PhotosChrisM @ 7:46 am

Excuse the lack of long posts recently. With Tim (obviously) arriving at an unknown time (7.46am, 20th October in the end), I’ve not been able to commit much time to just sitting down and writing about news from Kazakhstan or even catching up with Anna’s pictures. I’ll try and get some pictures of Tim up this weekend, but in the mean time check out Celt Photographic (John’s blog) for some pictures, or head on over to one of our facebook profiles.
There you go, wrote this on Friday and didn’t have time to finish it off or publish it, sorry.

I have included a few photos below taken straight from John’s blog…

OK, as with Anna, Tim had his domain name registered and a basic blog put in place shortly after his birth. Any posts on this blog that are photos or videos of him will be automatically imported to his site, for people who don’t want to visit for anything else. Weirdly enough, his site can be found at TimMerriman.com.
The date and time of this post has been recorded as Tim’s birthday.

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