Dec 10 2007

Thoughts On Winamp 5.5

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 3:44 am

So far, the transition has been pretty smooth, however there are a couple of things I wanted to note, should other people be considering the upgrade.
If using the new ‘auto-tag’ feature (this attempts to add or modify the ID3 tag info with correct info), DO make sure you query an entire album in one go, rather than a few tracks at a time. The accuracy is a lot higher this way, as one song can obviously come from multiple sources, be it the original album by a band, a greatest hits compilation, or a themed compilation from different bands. Also ensure that you check the software’s suggestion for each track, rather than simply approving all of them – it will make mistakes occasionally, and it is better to have correct partial information to search on, rather than incorrect complete info on a different track. If you have a lot of non-album tracks, do not try and process more than 5000 in one go, as I have had Winamp crash twice when trying to do so.
The cover art image finder is a little hit-and-miss, and don’t forget to check you do not already have a (not yet associated) JPG of the cover residing in the MP3s’ directory.
The Bento and BigBento skins are worth checking out, although they don’t deviate a great deal from the default modern skin, they do look a little classier IMHO.

Anyway, I’ll be posting more info if I run across anything else.