Jul 20 2007

Things Are Improving

Category: Personal,Weather,Windows MobileChrisM @ 4:49 am

OK, so the memory card has been mostly sorted now. After using four different data recovery programs, I remembered I had a fifth, archived on a DVD somewhere. It was last used about this time in 2006, when John had a CF memory card from his camera, that his old work had botched a recovery job on. It worked then, and for the most part, it worked today. I now have all the files back, the only small issue is that around a quarter of the directories have a numerical name. However, given that the only problem this will present is with shortcuts not working on the iPAQ, I can check said shortcut’s properties, to find the correct directory name, rename the numbered directory to its original name, and all should be sorted. At least until the iPAQ fries the card again. Needless to say I shall be keeping the recovered files on the hard drive, and probably on a CD as a backup for the future.
The rain has helped to cool the air down a bit, and a small breeze is blowing into the room, so overall, I’m a little closer to being a happy bunny than a few hours ago.