Apr 21 2008

They Didn’t Have These When Ira Posed

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:14 am

Hi Tech Yoga Mat

Whilst still ‘just’ a concept, rather than something for sale in stores already, I like the combination of ideas and use of technology in a traditional scenario. In case you can’t tell from the picture alone, the idea is to have a hi tech yoga mat based on electronic paper. You could have appropriately relaxing music piped through to you, whilst perhaps a visual reminder of some of the more complex poses is displayed in front of you. One of the people who left a comment at the page I found this mat on raises the issue of needing high-absorbency, low-slip material to work out on, but I’m sure some transparent compound material could be found that would act as the gripping section, with the electronic gubbins underneath.

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