May 02 2007

The Taming Of The Screw

Category: BooksChrisM @ 1:48 pm

The Taming Of The Screw – Dave Barry

If you’ve not read any of his other books, you will probably enjoy this one. As you’ll see in the reviews coming soon, I’ve read a few of Dave Barry’s books, and didn’t find this one up to the same (relatively) high standards.
It may be I just happened to read this on a day when I wasn’t in the mood for his brand of humour, or it could be that this is one of Dave’s earlier books, where perhaps his writing style was still in the process of being polished up.

Anyway, the book concentrates on DoItYourself, and all the inherent dangers such an activity can present you. From the dangers of power tools to just how much money you won’t save in the long run, I believe the book will make ardent DIYers laugh at the accuracy of his warnings and those people, like me, who see DIY as a masochistic endeavour, feel even more justified in their beliefs.

Despite my earlier comment on this book, I’d still recommend this if your toilet-reading library needs an injection of easy-to-read humour. Just don’t assume his other books will make you laugh at the same frequency – it gets better 🙂