May 31 2007

The Old Man and the Sea

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The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway

This time Mr Hemingway did manage to capture and hold my imagination and interest. We find ourselves in Cuba, in a small fishing village. The old man of the title has been fishing a very long time, and has a apprentice/assistant who cares about the man as more than just a teacher/boss figure in his life.
The old timer goes out to sea, and carries out a long drawn out battle with a Merlin. (Think I spelt that right… a big fish basically.)
The author manages to capture the simple & difficult life the fishermen all went through, and I found myself actually caring what happened to the fisherman, a lot more than when I was reading ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’.
Although set a long time ago, the tension that is built up does a good job in captivating you, and even though I usually choose to read SciFi or Fantasy type books, I was glad I finally got around to reading this.

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