Jul 10 2008

The Importance Of Keeping Records

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:49 pm

Since I started earning money online, I’ve kept an accurate log – which jobs I took with which company, on which day, and how much I should be paid. I finally decided to match up everything with my PayPal records. As waiting for PayPal’s server to transmit the requested info each time gets annoying, I decided to download the records in CSV format and compare info from one spreadsheet to another. (BTW, if you find PayPal times out due to you asking for all records at once in CSV format, just split the years in two, you can easily amalgamate them all later.)
Surprise surprise, Bloggerwave turn out to owe me $70 still, and a private arrangement I made last year has still not been completed. I have sent out e-mails and in Bloggerwave’s case, sent a duplicate notice through their contact form. I hope they pay up soon, I’d much rather they took the easy route…