Aug 22 2007

The Grey Area

Category: Amsterdam,VideosChrisM @ 4:35 am

Not the forum that I’ve already linked to in the past. This is referring to the coffeeshop over in Amsterdam. It is run by a couple of Americans, and although quite small, is a favourite amongst the American tourists especially. I hope to grab a picture of it in just over a months time, but for now, check out the YouTube video by Blueberry…

I have been watching all her videos as I wait for the big opps to drop for PPP’s 1K Tuesday promotion again, hoping to pick up a little more information regarding which coffeeshops are worth finding, and which to avoid.
Finally, we have a video of the apartment they stayed in for Queens Day this year. I think it is about a dozen buildings away from where ChrisD, AlexC and I will be staying. Obviously there is no guarantee that our place will be as nice, but the view out the window should be quite similar, so I’m happy 🙂

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