May 04 2007

The Austrian Job…

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 3:39 pm

Ready for an interesting idea?
How about a road trip across Austria?

STOP, come back…


thank you 🙂

Ok the unusual part is the choice of transport being used. Nothing as infeasible as a pogo stick or piggybacks from locals.
No, the idea is to traverse the country on a Yamaha Neo. Thats right, a 50cc engine to cross Austria!

Moped across Austria

The moped of choice is like the one in that picture but, wisely, a windshield has been added, to try and cut down on some of the splatter thrown up by the trucks trundling past.

You can check the project page for the Austrian Moped Trip for details, and see what still needs to be done. Fancy sponsoring the rider and getting some kudos and publicity? Contact him now 🙂

This post is NOT sponsored. The guy riding is the whizz behind my current favourite plug-in – WP-HeadlineAnimator, downloadable from here.

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