Jan 27 2010

Temporary Kazakh Ice Rink In Astana

Category: Kazakhstan,VideosChrisM @ 6:26 pm

Forgot to include these videos in the earlier post, sorry. Not forgot exactly, just stuck in the need for separate posts for videos and pictures that involve Anna. As the pictures and videos don’t include her, they won’t be automatically imported to her site. In case you missed the earlier post, this ice rink has been set up in a car park next to the big entertainment/Aquarium centre (Duman) not too far from our flat. There is a large tower in the middle which seems to play a music video channel, and since the schools are now back in session, the rink is quite empty normally. If I had my own skates, was able to use both legs whilst trying to move forward on the ice, and didn’t have to consider how to look after Anna following the inevitable sprained ankle, I might have popped down 🙂

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