Jun 08 2007

Teacher May NOT Be Going To Jail

Category: In The Media,PersonalChrisM @ 3:24 am

Following on from the previous article, I thought I’d post this link to a BBC report on an American teacher who has now got a new trial underway.
The original charge? That she gave cause to a room full of school children to see pornographic images on a computer!
So where is the link between that and the Spy Sweeper product I mentioned earlier? It now looks like the PC in question may have been infected with ad ware, which coudl mean that the no criminal act was carried out – just the normal levels of ignorance so often found with PC users. If the PC had been protected, it is quite likely that the pop up adverts would never have been produced, a class full of children wouldn’t have been asking their parents difficult questions (but Mum, why did she have that banana there?), the PC would have been working more quickly on the internet, and most importantly, the teacher herself wouldn’t now be facing the possibility of 40 years in prison!

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