Jun 08 2010


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As I write this post, the following video has been watched over 25 million times (and that is just with the original, some of the pointless re-posts on YouTube have had over a million as well!), so it is reasonably likely you’ll already have seen this song.
If Greyson Chance (12 year old boy) singing Paparazzi (a Lady GaGa song) doesn’t ring any immediate bells, click play below now!

I’m glad to see the YouTube comments are now mostly positive, he had a lot of haters on there for a while. OK, so this isn’t the sort of thing I normally post here on ChrisMerriman.com , but the vocal talent (and arrangement skills) of someone so young just blew me away. Some of the girls in the back manage to maintain a totally not interested look throughout, but I’m guessing the blond in the top right might just be interested… Anyway, Greyson tweets and is on facebook, so leave a message of support if you want to show that lip syncing, fame grabbing, talentless media stars (Simon Cowell, you have a lot to answer for) aren’t what impress everybody.

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