Jan 21 2010

Take Cover…

Category: Anna's PhotosChrisM @ 12:55 am

Or at least wear something that hides stains really well the next time you are around Anna when she is about to enjoy some pasta and sauce. Regular readers will remember the previous photos of Anna’s mildly inaccurate food placement photos before, but I really think this one catches the moment pretty well. Namely her happiness with having sauce, pasta and meat to eat by hand, without silly Mum or Dad slowing her down, the wide area which such food normally leaves its mark, and also further proof that, despite Anna’s occasional very vocal protests, she really does still need to wear a bib when eating some foods 🙂

Do NOT Get In Between This Cutie And Her Pasta!

Do NOT Get In Between This Cutie And Her Pasta!

Oh, the photo was shot on the 10th of January. Another four or five posts and we’ll have once more caught up to real time posting of Anna’s pictures. I’ll wait a few days though, as the last 1/2 week’s posts take up the entire front page, and I know some friends and family don’t always get around to clicking the Previous Entries link to check out the second page.

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