Jun 21 2010

Wales And Sheep

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This time (1st March 2010) we have another Wales top, this time no sports involved, just a simple message… I Love Wales. Also in the shot was another of Anna’s favourite reasons to dive onto the ground and giggle, a big (somewhat flat) sheep. I wonder if vegetarians and/or vegans wear wool? Totally unrelated to the picture really, I realise. Not wearing leather I could understand (obviously the cow has to be dead before you can wear the skin), not drinking milk or eating eggs I can see what objections could be raised (possible poor conditions and taking away hen’s creation chances), but does shaving wool off of a wandering sheep count as cruelty? Any veggie readers, please do let me know. Feel free to stay anonymous if you want to avoid finger pointing/laughs from Kazakh meat lovers.

Anna Loves Wales

Anna Loves Wales

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