Aug 19 2007

‘Mini Dasha’ Has A Name!

Category: Dasha&Kittens,PicturesChrisM @ 11:29 pm

Assuming the kitten is male, it looks like he will be called Tima. He has gained grammes in three days, which sounds quite healthy to me. (I’m not an expert, but Irina and the in-laws seem happy with his progress at least.)
So first shot is the (now) traditional weighing process…
Tima Dasha Kitten Cat Astana Kazakhstan August 2007

Next we have a shot of Dasha and Tima posing very nicely for a photo in the box that has seen quite a few kitten litters…
Tima Dasha Box Kitten Cat Astana Kazakhstan August 2007

Finally we have a cute shot of Dasha protecting and warming her baby. It really is quite unusual to see Dasha with just one kitten; as she is more than ten years old now, the vet thinks that her body only produced a single kitten to ensure both mother and son would be healthy. Mind you, that vet will not be getting any more business from this family – she appeared to not be too clued up about animals, nor very professional in her communications.
Dasha Warming And Protecting Tima Box Kitten Cat Astana Kazakhstan August 2007

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