May 28 2010

Inter-Species Fans

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Barking Mad Singers would have been another choice for this post’s title. Lou Reed (depending on your age and influences, “Walk On The Wild Side” or “Perfect Day” would probably be the best answers should you be asking “who?”) and his wife plan to give a concert in Sydney. Nothing too unusual, until you know that the performance is written for dogs to listen to! As we are nowhere near April the 1st, and this is a BBC News article, I’m going to assume that it isn’t a joke. As the tunes (?) will be tailored for canine ears, a lot won’t be audible to human ears, but if AlexC could borrow her next door neighbour’s dog, I’d be interested to hear about any reaction (good or bad) that it gives.

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Mar 07 2008

Happy News

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… for anyone who knows Alex and Mat. You may remember Alex flew out to Sydney to be with her boyfriend, Mat, last year, and before leaving decided that she would actually live there! Well, as she has now made a post on the good news herself, I no longer feel bad about relaying the news – they have got engaged 🙂

Alex Clarke And Mat Mathew Smith Got Engaged

She took advantage of a 29th February existing this year by proposing to him, and has he has his head screwed on, he said yes!
Check her Happy Announcement post for more details.

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