Oct 16 2008

White Skinny Dipping

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Head over here for the BBC report, or if you find their streaming video has problems with your internet connection, see the following three YouTube videos. On what? Well in case you missed out on the news, a British man dove into the Moat surrounding the Emperor’s residence in Tokyo. The undeniable facts are that he was naked, not likely to get cold this winter with his in-built insulation, either a litttle unhinged or drunk, and splashed water and threw bricks when the police attempted to catch him.

Thanks to Japan Probe for the following picture (and preceding videos)…
Mad Naked Brit In Japan

So why my interest?
Well I saw the following image over at Pundit Kitchen, and wanted to find out more about the background to it.
Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

So what happened to the crude and aggressive tourist? Detained under the equivalent of Japan’s Metal Health Act? Received a good public beating after throwing bricks around? No, he had a slap on the wrists and was released! At least according to the Daily Telegraph’s article.

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Oct 08 2008

BBC News Suggestions

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:42 am

A couple of quick suggestions I’ve been meaning to mention for a while

1) The links on the right hand side of many articles, linking to similar stories, should include articles written AFTER the original story, not just previous ones.

2) The streaming video does not follow the standards set by many others – if your internet connection is too busy, or just slow, the stream is not buffered. This means that the video stops every nine seconds or so of footage, whilst the next section is loaded. Similarly, once a video has been played once, it does not appear to be reused should the video be rewatched immediately. If either of these situations were altered, videos could be watched smoothly by those of us without fat connections.

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Apr 09 2008

Social Experiment Or Calamity In The Wings?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:46 pm

I recently came across Mod My Life, a site where you can suggest what a real person does, on the street, and watch the results with (almost) live streaming video. A bit like some sort of reality TV show, but without the ad breaks, and no premium rate calls to vote on which suggestion should be implemented. btw, this post isn’t sponsored, the site just really caught my attention. Head on over here to see what I’m talking about. Which reminds me, if you see a post of mine with a link like here, there, article or some other nondescript term, it is safe to assume I’m not getting paid to mention it 🙂

wow, just tried to find a blog category I could file this under. None to be found. Also re-discovered some I’ve not used in a long time. I think I need to tidy them up some time. Probably after the Amsterdam and UK trip. Wow #2 – I think I’ve probably managed to go a week or two without boring my readers with more reminders about my upcoming trip. Wonders will never cease…

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