Jul 06 2010

Dozing Or Discovering?

Category: Anna's PhotosChrisM @ 1:13 am
Sleeping Or Seeking? You Decide...

Sleeping Or Seeking? You Decide...

Before I carry on with the videos from our Fourth of July (American Independence Day) meal with Walton and Assel, here we have a picture from just over four months ago – March the 2nd was when the photo was taken. I can’t quite tell whether Anna fell asleep during her meal, after a hard morning’s work, or simply dropped her cheese and was trying to relocate it. Hopefully Irina can come along and clarify things? Anyway, I noticed I had one Anna photo post, and one Anna video left in my drafts area for some reason. I’ll try and crack on with the rest of the UK based ones soon. We haven’t been taking as many here in Astana, so it shouldn’t take as long to catch up with them.

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Jun 01 2010

So far today, Anna has only ha…

Category: TweetsChrisM @ 5:26 pm

So far today, Anna has only had one 30 minute nap & is refusing any more sleep.Given that I’m not up for brandy on a dummy, any suggestions?

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Jul 14 2009

What Else Can My Face Do?

Category: Anna's Photos,PersonalChrisM @ 9:39 pm

The 14th of July 2009 saw final photographic proof of Anna having learnt how to develop a facial expression (beyond the normal happy/sad/tired/etc. rota). Scrunching up of noses had begun with a vengeance! The other shot was taken just to reassure people that Anna was most definitely happy playing on her tummy now, though this has also carried over into her sleeping positions, so we regularly have to try and rotate her onto her back without waking up. Eight months seems to be the recommended safe time to leave your baby sleeping where they are comfy?

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Oct 13 2006

It is 9.45am

Category: Internet Connections,PersonalChrisM @ 9:56 am

I’ve been working for 3 hours, and the final shock…. I’ve already had a full nights sleep!!!

Looks like there is hope for me eventually going to bed the same time as most people around me, and getting up before midday :>

It will, however, mean that I’m not online with Messenger when my friends in the UK are, other than weekends…

Irina’s Mum now has ADSL, at a whopping 128Kbit ! We’re still waiting for WiMax to progress out of it’s testing phase, or if that fails, for our phone line to be transferred out of the clutches of our flat’s maintenance/telecommunications over-charging company, so we can get ADSL as well.

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