Jan 16 2012

Amsterdam – 7th January

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Saturday was the second meeting I had planned, except this time I was in the right country! ChrisB had had a pretty nasty car accident the week before in India, so decided a day in bed was a better idea for his back than traipsing round Haarlem. ChrisD was in default mode, reverting to beer and rugby, so that left Gapie (a local ACD member) and Cisco (a man as enthusiastic as I was to get to Haarlem), along with any of the other ACD members in town.
Eventually, and to no great surprise, it was decided that the trip would be delayed at least. No one had much energy, and to be frank just sitting down and chilling out in Voyagers seemed like a much better idea.

Blurry Gapie!

Blurry Gapie!

Voyagers' Menu

Voyagers' Menu

Once again, for photos with a more obvious Amsterdam theme to them, click the link below (or keep reading if you accessed this post directly)…
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Jun 14 2010

Rugby Shirts

Category: Anna's PhotosChrisM @ 11:37 pm

Taken on the 26th of February, here we have a couple of shots featuring Anna in a Wales rugby shirt, kindly being put into place by John, before we settled down to watch the match. Also another shot of Anna with her little backpack on, because (we think) she looks just so cute 🙂

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