Dec 30 2011

At LC2 with Anna, Grandad, Nic…

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At LC2 with Anna, Grandad, Nick, Roz & Jack. They seemed to enjoy the multi-storey jungle gym. On to fairground in rain

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Oct 29 2011

Recent Videos

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I have given up on using PockeTwit to post videos with this blog. Although the auto-uploading to YouTube and the posterous interface itself is mostly great, the video recording resolution is limited far too low. As the program’s author obviously has issues facing bigger groups to sort, I’ve switched to uploading directly to YouTube. So videos should now be a better quality, but there could be a delay before it appears on this site.

First we have Anna, Ira, Lolyk 2 (this was shot before Tim was born, so he was called Cedric or Lyolik 2 as a place holder name) & Gwen walking in the sun to a local play area.

Swansea Beach, again before Tim had been born.

A few days after Tim was born, Anna and I went outside so she could play with her bubble blowing machine.

Nick, Anna, Jack, Ira & Gwen this morning in Clydach. Roz wasn’t in the room, and I think Tim was asleep at the time.

Right, there are more photos and videos to come, but I still need to complete a few other tasks first.

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Jan 28 2009

The (Not So) Young Ones

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OK, here we have a photo of myself, Irina, Roz and Nick.

Me Ira Roz Nick

Me Ira Roz Nick

We are not normally so dark in our colour choices, but as we were asked nicely, and John knows his photography, we agreed to scrabble around and find black items of clothing that at least looked neat and tidy 🙂
btw, Nick’s beard was shaved off for Christmas, in an attempt to make his girlfriend even happier 🙂 I’ve only uploaded a low-resolution version, as John may want the original for his site.

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Dec 24 2008

Last Minute Posting Woes

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Posting of the parcel kind that is,nothing to do with blogging. Although the vast majority arrived on time, a present for Nick and Mum’s new TV haven’t arrived. Nick is here with his girlfriend Roz until tomorrow early AM, so we just have to hope the courier arrives before they leave. The tale of the television is a little more complex – the original one developed faults very quickly, and the replacement has been delayed by a few days and a lack of communication from the ebayer. I haven’t forgotten about the HTC TyTn II (Kaiser) radio car mount or Jimi wallet reviews – I need to collate my thoughts and check the photos John kindly took.

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Oct 28 2008

Nick et al Off To Australia

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This Wednesday my brother, Nick, is going to Australia with his girlfriend, Roz, and her mum, another Chris. They will be back by Christmas, but not before Irina and I return to Swansea this mid-November (more on that later).

As I was going through the almost year-old photos on my phone (I really need to sort and post them more often than that), I found this one of Nick and Roz, just after Christmas last year at Mum’s.

Nick And Roz - Xmas 2007

Nick And Roz At Xmas 2007

I hope their trip over goes smoothly, that they have a great time there, and will come back with lots of stories and photos to show us all 🙂

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