Dec 29 2011

Went out for a pub meal (Twelv…

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Went out for a pub meal (Twelve Knights, Port Talbot) –

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Mar 22 2009

Driftwood, Seb And Anna

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The day (22nd March §) after Marilyn arrived, Seb came over to say hi to all of us, and so we decided to take a walk on the beach. As there are three main beaches within easy reach of Clydach, we had to decide where to take him. The Mumbles is possibly the most famous beach near us, but unless you time your visits with the tides correctly, there can be no sand left at all – just the wall and then the sea itself! This left us a choice between one of Swansea’s beaches and Port Talbot’s. Although Swansea itself is a little prettier and seen as more up market (relatively speaking) compared to Port Talbot, Irina and I had been down there quite a few times recently with Anna (and sometimes Gwen), so we hopped onto the motorway for a few junctions, and parked up along the sea front in Port Talbot.
As ever, hover your cursor over the image’s to see their title/description… You could do that, or I could just remember that I only need to leave the caption field blank on tweet posts that are displayed as asides. (Runs off to edit a few earlier posts)

§ – Why this constant fascination with the dates photos were taken? In case the EXIF data is some how not retained with these JPGs, I wanted to ensure that in years to come, I could easily tell when the pictures were actually taken, rather than when the posts containing them were published. You’ll just have to put up with it for now, sorry…

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Mar 19 2009

Went over to Port Talbot’s bea…

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Went over to Port Talbot’s beach this afternoon, a lot nicer than I expected. Gwen and Anna (dog and baby respectively 😉 ) seemed to en …

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