Jan 20 2012

To those waiting for Anna’s 20…

Category: TweetsChrisM @ 2:46 am

To those waiting for Anna’s 2011 photo posts, Tim’s recent pics, or completion of the Amsterdam photos… they should all be published soon.

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Feb 09 2009

9th February – T Minus ?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:36 am

Today is the day. If you believe that doctors can ever predict with any sort of certainty, when a child will be born, then you would expect our daughter to be born some time today. As it is, I’m just glad that we’ve reached some sort of milestone that at least signifies you are officially close to giving birth 🙂
All the bags are packed, the technology has been mostly tested and pared down where necessary. I still need to sort out YouTube uploading from my phone, and if I had some sort of Sony MS <> Micro SD adaptor, I could post all the details, pictures and videos on the phone alone. As it is, you’ll have to make do with a tweet, text or call 🙂

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