Apr 09 2012

Still Have The Strange Frames? (Corrected Display Version)

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 9:19 am

So far there is no sign of an updated ShareThis plugin for WordPress, meaning that if you have not yet disabled the facebook like option, you will probably still have two transparent frames at the top of your blog (see the Strange Boxes On Your Site post). If you prefer, the ShareThis forum users have provided a couple of other options,
1st is taken from here
(oh, before I forget, to use either of these bits of code, change any {{ or }} you see to [ or ] respectively. Even using the code tag in WordPress, the info wasn’t displayed correctly)

Hi, sorry my poor english
I made this trick and work perfect
To the bottom of page, before {{/body}}

.fb_reset#fb-root div {top:-3500px !important;}

the default range is {top:-2000 } but my page is more long of this range

or you could use the second option, taken from here

Just add:

#fb_xdm_frame_http, #fb_xdm_frame_https { display:none; border:none; }

to your style.css

An explanation offered within the WordPress forum mentioned above is the following…

Facebook is adding additional iframes for security reasons and they did not realize that user agents’ default styles sheets in some browsers contain rules such as iframe{border:2px inset; } , they will probably fix this soon, but this is a problem on facebook’s behalf meanwhile you can fix this issue by either css code directly for these iframes:

#fb_xdm_frame_http, #fb_xdm_frame_https { display:none; border:none; }

or you can add to your css reset rules:

iframe { border:none; }

Please follow any of those links to see who exactly should be given credit for the discoveries. (I’ve just stuck to disabling the fb like option for now.)

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Apr 06 2012

Strange Boxes On Your Site?

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 12:31 am

I’m busy repairing/reinstalling a few different PCs right now, so excuse the condensed format of this post, but if you run a WordPress based site, and have just noticed two strange boxes (transparent frames in this case) appearing on your page, you may want to check if you have the ShareThis plugin installed. If so, temporarily at least, untick the facebook like option. Not sure if this is a fb API change, or if share this have altered the javascript called from within the plugin, but once the fb like button is not requested, the annoying frames seem to disappear.
Thanks to Ira for bringing the issue to my attention 🙂

It seems others have noticed it too – see the ShareThis forum here.

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Jan 26 2012


Category: PersonalChrisM @ 10:18 pm

I finished working on a few mini-projects here and there, during which I was digging through some options pages within WordPress. I noticed that somehow the Tagline Rotator plugin had duplicated data. Each time you visit this site, a random tagline is displayed at the top. These now include…

    Before My Head Explodes…
    Bits And Bites
    Can I Kick It?
    Come Into My World
    Feels Like Home
    Full On Kazakh Hysteria
    Halfway Up The Downs
    Hello And Good Morning
    Hit F5
    I Never Could Get The Hang Of Thursdays…
    If You Think It’s Easy
    In Bits
    Innocent Smile, Wicked Eyes
    Keep It Rolling
    Long Way Home
    Mars, The Bringer Of Calories
    Maybe Definitely
    Me Myself And I
    Mental Blocks
    More Than A Name
    Novocaine For The Soul
    One Nation Under Dog
    One Step Sideways
    PCs And Vodka
    R To The K
    Something To Do…
    Step Into My World
    That’s Me
    The Good, The Bad & The Techy
    There’s No Other Way
    This Is Made Of Memories
    Utter Diskhead
    Virtual Sanity
    Wednesdays In My Bed
    What’s My Age Again?
    Your Age Ah

If SEO was more important to me right now, it would make sense to use just one tagline that was related to the subjects covered on this site. As you may have guessed though, on this personal site, I like playing around with things occasionally. Right, now I need to catch up with a backlog of e-mails and finish writing a few posts for this site. We had a great time with Dad over in Evesham, but I did get very lax with staying on top of digital things.

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Jul 28 2009

SearchTerms Tagging 2

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 6:25 pm

Just wanted to write a quick post about a (WordPress) plugin I’ve started using recently. It is called SearchTerms Tagging 2 (I’m guessing I missed version 1?), and the idea behind it is quite simple.
As you may know from my posts about the WP GotLucky plugin, I find it interesting to see what people were searching for when they found my blog. Obviously a lot tends to be based around Astana or Kazakhstan in general, but sometimes people are looking for quite specific information about a software configuration issue they have, or for other people’s thought on a holiday destination. With the GotLucky plugin, I have an RSS feed and e-mails sent each time this site is found via a google search, but without running the search myself, I can’t tell specifically which post they ended up at. With SearchTerms Tagging 2, each post has a list of the search terms used to find the post (if this has occurred since the plugin was installed), and on the config page, I also have a list of which terms (and associated post) were found most regularly.
So, head on over to the page linked above if this sort of plugin sounds of interest you. If you have any queries/feature suggestions, check out the comments, where you’ll see the author is pretty quick and helpful in his responses/upgrades 🙂

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