May 26 2010

Recorded Strokes And Missing Blocks

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Sounding more like a plot device in Mission Impossible XIV than a well researched BBC article, spying on people’s keyboard strokes via the mains cable that powers the computer is more fuel for the tin foil hat brigade. The article doesn’t mention whether PS/2 keyboards are the types of device that can leak information back through to AC wiring (not at all sure why, but I can imagine there being less potential digital interference when USB was used), nor does the piece refer to whether PSUs with certain features would be likely to curtail this activity. For that matter, would surge suppressors (with their sine wave cleaning abilities) further protect paranoid users?

Another article with potentially information missing, is a piece on credit card info thieves using cloned cards at unattended checkouts in supermarkets to empty American customers’ accounts. I can’t understand why a simply block on non Chip’n’PIN cards using these sort of self service checkouts wouldn’t be put in place. This way staff would get a chance to physically check the card at normal check outs, meaning more hassle for the data thieves at the very least.

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Nov 25 2006

Good Summary of the Conspiracy Theories

Category: Aware Or Conspiracy Nut...,PersonalChrisM @ 5:32 am

I got a bit bored doing my work tonight, so I ended up randomly following links until I came upon…
Whilst most of the questions have been asked before, it was interesting to see them all in one place, without too much paranoid delusional stuff inserted.
I don’t happen to think all the questions are related as closely as some would hope, but most are at least thought provoking, and will hopefully spark some interest for you to continue your research sometime…

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