Oct 17 2012

Dana Gillespie and her London Blues Band

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Dana Gillespie and her London Blues Band
(This photo is from wikipedia, taken at a different concert, I think the pianist is different as well).

Right, I have finally uploaded the videos shot at the Blues concert I attended Friday last, at the “Palace of Peace and Reconciliation” (or the pyramid, which is bit less of a mouthful to pronounce). Dana Gillespie and her London Blues Band were playing, and our friend Lara organized things so a few mates could attend.

Dana Gillespie quoting from Koran

(check out YouTube’s auto-transcription of the lyrics by visiting the video’s YT page!)

I had heard that she worked with David Bowie and other stars during the 60s, and also did some film work. It wasn’t until I came across the following image that I worked out why some male friends had no problem recalling her.

Dana Gillespie

Wow, this post was supposed to be published a long time ago. There was going to be more text accompanying it, but I’m clicking Publish before I forget again, as with the Australia and UK trips being imminent, I realize that posting might be sparse for a while.

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