Jun 20 2009

Tasered Twice!

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 1:16 am

Feel free to source a better quality clip from YouTube, I’ve lost the bookmark for it, sorry. Anyway, police in Nottinghamshire were caught on a mobile phone camera using a taser gun twice on, as well as punching, a person they were attempting to arrest after requests for help from night club security. See the BBC article for the video (I’m fairly certain YouTube had a higher quality version?) and some background information on this.

I love Assistant Chief Constable (Nottinghamshire Police) Peter Davies comments on this…

“We understand that some members of the public may be concerned about this.

“The public’s trust and confidence is very important for us, which is why we have referred this matter for an objective investigation to the IPCC.”

Or perhaps “Oh crap. I wish the public didn’t all have mobile phones with cameras these days” would be more honest?

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