Jan 03 2010

Family Photos

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 6:31 pm

Head on over to this post at John’s Celt Photographic blog to see some very recent photos of Mum, John, Nick and Roz enjoying New Year.

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Jan 03 2010

Igor, Losha and Katya joined u…

Category: Anna's Photos,Friends,TweetsChrisM @ 2:41 pm

Igor, Losha and Katya joined up for another New Year celebration. http://twitpic.com/whgro

Irina, Igor, Anna, Katya, Losha, Babushka and Dedushka

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Jan 01 2010

Dr. Natalya, Sveta, Balzhan, E…

Category: Friends,TweetsChrisM @ 4:45 pm

Dr. Natalya, Sveta, Balzhan, Edward & Ildar have all come over for the traditional New Year’s day meal.
Luckily I skipped breakfast.

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Jan 01 2010

NTV’s New Year program has top…

Category: TweetsChrisM @ 3:19 am

NTV’s New Year program has topless women having body shots and playing a banjo. Take that Ant and Dec 🙂 And now a Police Male Voice choir.

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Jan 01 2010

Happy New Year to all from the…

Category: TweetsChrisM @ 12:47 am

Happy New Year to all from the land of GMT +6

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Dec 31 2009

Betas Installed, Temperatures Dropping And Fireworks

Category: Weather,WordPressChrisM @ 8:51 pm

I have just installed WordPress 2.9.1 RC (release candidate) as I want to continue scheduling posts, and it was also an opportunity to try out the WordPress Beta Tester plugin.
The database was backed up first (though the automatic e-mailing of this every three days isn’t yet working, I’ve noticed), and I’ll schedule the next post for a few minutes in advance to check if the issues I was previously encountering have been vanquished. I also need to find the information on resetting file ownerships in Windows 7, as I can now access Anna’s pictures on the portable hard drive when not at home. I’ll check our home PC via LogMeIn later. The evening draws on here, and Anna will need her bath soon. As she is still only 10 months old, we’re not planning to keep her up for the arrival of the New Year. The last day has seen the temperatures drop again – yesterday we saw it rise to -2C, almost enough to ruin snowmen, with some snow melting, however today fresh snow has fallen, and the temperatures was back towards -20C again. I’m glad it isn’t dropping really low once more, as the fireworks that many people let off past midnight each year are well worth standing in the snow for.

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Dec 30 2009

New Years Eve Eve memory has t…

Category: TweetsChrisM @ 7:28 pm

New Years Eve Eve memory has to be Anna randomly dancing to Black Lace – Agadoo without prompts. Proper blogging will resume shortly… ish.

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Jul 11 2009

At northwind apparetly no sara…

Category: TweetsChrisM @ 1:36 am

At northwind apparetly no sarah or miss lilly until october possibly new year! 🙁

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Jun 29 2009

Singleton Park

Category: Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 10:02 pm

At least I think this was Singleton Park. Anyway, just after New Year, Ira, John, Gwen and I went for a walk in the park, and he took a few shots…

Ira Chris Gwen Singleton Park Swansea Wales

If I have remembered the location correctly, then click the read more link below to see a satellite photo of the area. If I’ve not remembered where we were, then, well, click the link to see a photo of the area we weren’t in at the time 🙂
Continue reading “Singleton Park”

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Jan 12 2009

Belated 2009 Greetings

Category: Friends,Personal,Weather,WiFi,Windows Mobile,WordPressChrisM @ 3:36 pm

Wow, no posts in almost 12 days. That has to be improved upon, sorry. The (somewhat predictable) reasons for my online muteness were recovering from Christmas, seeing in the New Year, travelling around meeting friends and family, some of whom we hadn’t crossed paths with in a couple of years, friends coming over to sunny Wales to see the house for the first time, oh and also maintaining, repairing and improving four different PCs. Getting used to Vista from a technical support point of view has taken time, but I at least no longer involuntarily shudder when I hear the OS’ name 😉
After flashing my TyTn II (Kaiser) to a custom WM6.1 ROM (it was working boringly reliably, something had to be tweaked/modded 😉 ) and getting TomTom, music and voice commands to work whilst in the car, I installed Ubuntu onto Ira’s laptop (dual-boot obviously, didn’t think the love of my life would appreciate me nuking her Windows install), finally got around to properly securing the wireless network at home in Clydach, got the PCs all happily working as far as UPnP was concerned. This needed to be sorted as the internet radio I recvd. for Xmas could also play files on the LAN, and I was having issues just using normal folder sharing on a couple of the Vista machines.
Ante natal classes have been an interesting and mostly informative process, it is hard to believe we are now probably less than a month away from seeing our daughter’s face for the first time 🙂 We now have a lot of the items new borns need, and even the pushchair/pram/car-seat optimus prime styled transforming thingy has turned up. Ira has done some more photo shoots with John, obviously centred around the theme of pregnancy/new life etc. See previous posts for the last published examples – though hopefully John will get around to adding new posts to his blog, and new photos to the gallery soon. Which reminds me, don’t forget to check out ConJoinery if you are in need of carpentry or joinery skills… when Con came over here for a few days, we got around to setting up a quick blog to promote his work, and showcase previous projects. It obviously still need more content, but the basic framework of WordPress 2.7 and useful plugins are in place.
After all that I finally noticed that this site is once again down to a PageRank of 0 (see many previous posts regarding Google and post links-for-money issues. Anyway, I now know why there is a lot less work around again. From n/a to a 2, then up to 4, spanked by google down to a 0, recovered to 2, then back once more to 0. As the only thing this alters for the worse is the potential income for this domain, I’m not crying into my cereal. The unique visitor numbers per day has been steadily bouncing between 250 and 600 a day, even when no fresh content has been added, so I know the search engine traffic, and regular repeat visitors have carried on regardless. It is a little strange to find out which of your posts are popular, and the search terms people googled to get there. If you’ve not already enabled AWStats on your site, it might be worth popping along to your CPanel interface and turning it on…

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