Oct 08 2008

10 Reasons To Date Techy Guys

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:52 am

OK, the original post uses the word geek in the title, and specifically talks about Sys Admin or Technical Support type people, but the sentiment holds true.
I especially liked the sections regarding social interaction not normally being an issue. Rather than the stereotypical image of a geek holed up in his/her lair, never seeing sunlight, many good SysAdmins or Technical Support agents have to talk with (not just to) people all day long, ensuring they are experienced in talking with a wide range of people – from the new filing clerk who needs to sort out their login, to VPs who can’t understand why their PC doesn’t understand what they require from a spreadsheet. Combine this with our love of getting drunk with large groups of people, and you can begin to see why the mass media portrayal of computer enthusiasts can sometimes rub us up the wrong way. Anyway, head on over to the blog to read the full details.

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