Nov 20 2011

Really must learn solution for…

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Really must learn solution for “Yes To All” combo in a GUI with Puppy linux. Low tech approach for constant Alt+Y 🙂

Orange On Alt, MP3 Player On Y

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Sep 23 2008

Ubuntu And Open Source Alternatives To MS Office

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So, a week or so ago, I was having problems with Outlook, or more specifically Microsoft Word (which gets loaded in the background each time Outlook started as it was the default HTML e-mail editor). I tried a couple of standard approaches to fix the problem, and didn’t get very far. Having had enough of some of the bloat that has been added over the years, as well as losing my original receipt and product key for Microsoft Office 2003, I decided to finally try out OpenOffice properly. I’ve installed it in the past, and made sure it could at least cope with the sort of everyday requests home users would throw at an office suite (for when friends & family asked if their was a viable alternative), but this was a concerted effort to see if I could eventually take over all my work processes to this collection of apps. The basic formulas I was using in Excel seemed to transport over well, and nothing else seemed to much of an issue, so it looks as though it will stay on this installation for now.

Moving on, I decided to try out Thunderbird as a replacement for the e-mail functions (at least) of Outlook. As I still have a separate product key for Outlook (from my last few smartphones and PDAs), I will be keeping hold of it for contact & calendar synchronization with aforementioned devices; at least until I can see how solid alternative synchronization programs to Activesync are.

Finally, I rounded off the beginning of more new learning processes by (almost) properly installing a Linux distro – Ubuntu. I say almost, as it didn’t involve fiddling with partitions, I used Wubi to install the OS, which uses a large file on my C: drive as a virtual partition. That probably isn’t the correct terminology, but hope gives a good indication as to how it works. So far, no major problems, considering my previous Linux tinkerings on my own PC have been limited to live CD/DVDs, where a lot less configuration is required/possible. Other than the nVidia GUI for setting up multiple displays stubbornly initially refusing to grace my system with it’s presence, not too many problems so far. Obviously a lot of my old ebuyer bargain basement USB toys don’t have Linux drivers available, but as I’m not intending to switch to Ubuntu as my sole OS, this isn’t a deal breaker.

Oh, and just in case people didn’t bother reading the comments section to the Some News post, the picture was my way of imparting some VERY good news – Irina is pregnant, with the happy day predicted to occur some time around mid-February.
2 Thumbs Up Bouncing Bouncing 2 Celebration Dance Rubber Smiley Woohoo

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Jul 09 2008

Breached The 10 Gb Limit Already

Category: Internet Connections,PersonalChrisM @ 7:58 pm

A couple of days ago I noticed that our internet connection was seriously slow once more. Convinced our pseudo-ISP (that all data goes via, before hitting Megaline) had goofed again, I checked what I’d been downloading so far this month. Unfortunately, it turns out I had indeed transferred more than my monthly limit within the first week of July from a friend’s FTP server. (Obviously copyright-free material such as linux distros only 😉 ). Now that our speed has doubled to 256kbit (actually it comes in at more like 384kbit normally, but I’m not about to volunteer that info to our ISP), download limits are probably going to be hit in half the time… At least the throttled speed on our ‘unlimited’ account has now also doubled to approx 64kbit, so I’m still better off than on dial up.

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Apr 28 2008

Subtle Revenge

Category: WiFiChrisM @ 3:43 pm

If you find people are using your WiFi signal to get onto the internet for free, then this be of interest to you. Admittedly, you’ll need to have a router that you can really get your hands dirty with (a nice configurable linux distro on it for example), or you use a PC as an internet gateway already, then you should be good to go. You can take things further of course, but if you just follow instructions, you can make the images your WiFi thieves see on the internet go upside down and blurry.
Well, it made me laugh 🙂

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Jul 14 2007

BBC Set To Talk Over Open Source Software

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 4:00 am

For Brits who pay for a TV licence, there will be a service launched at the end of this month that will allow them to watch TV programs from the previous week, and keep them stored for up to 30 days in most instances.
Unfortunately, the initial release will only work on PCs with Windows XP, and some people are claiming this gives Microsoft an unfair advantage. Although the BBC is hoping to bring out a version for Macs soon, it looks as though Vista PCs and mobile devices will have to wait a little longer. I was not able to source any information about plans for Linux based computers.
If the iPlayer application/service was open source, it seems more likely that porting it to other platforms would take less time, though some people fear this would make it easier to bypass the DRM (digital rights management) contained within iPlayer, that stops downloads from working after a set time, and presumably blocks anyone other than the original licence player’s PC from being able to play the videos.

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Aug 28 2006

Idiots Ahoy

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:24 am

Some idiot has hacked all my AdSense based websites, or rather their index pages.

I’m not going to restore them until I know what to do to prevent it occurring again, and all the articles themselves are at least still accessible directly, via their URL.

This is the text that appears, with the web site’s tag line now reading “owned by aggressor” – of course using LeEt PsEuDo RaNdOm CaPiTaLiSaTiOn.

/* You have been hacked
* pc_labs.c - Linux x.x.x any kernel (priv8)
* Desde el 2001 en la escena hacker chilena.
* No nos creemos mas de lo que somos.
* Para mas informacion #pclabs.
* Uso:
* $ gcc pc_labs.c -o pc_labs
* $ ./pc_labs
* + Comprobando sistema ... [ok]
* + Deteniendo syslogd ... [ok]
* + Deteniendo sshd ... [ok]
* + Deteniendo ftpd ... [ok]
* + Mandando lammejos a /dev/null ... [Failed]
* - Error: byond_leim_team no such file
* + Obteniendo rootshell ... [ok]
* # id
* uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root),10(wheel),1337(pc_labs)
* #


#include #include #include

void main (void){
cout << "pc_labs ownz this box" << endl;


What a man/woman they must be.


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