Feb 09 2010

Furry Feline Friends

Category: Dasha&Kittens,PicturesChrisM @ 10:00 pm

As YouTube is still not displaying the Video Upload page :(, I thought I would take the opportunity to post a picture that Irina snapped recently. Karra and Muska (sisters) are our cats, and other than play fights/chases around the flat, they get on pretty well. Occasionally, they snooze next to each other, and even if the temperature hasn’t dropped, they will hug or cuddle. This time it was on the settee…

Hugs On The Sofa

Hugs On The Sofa

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Feb 09 2010

Synchronous IO

Category: Friends,VideosChrisM @ 7:34 pm

Circular breathing is something I was never able to pick up. To be honest I can’t even remember why I tried, though I’m guessing it was related to a musical instrument? Anyway, came across a friend’s video featuring his didgeridoo playing. Well, not exactly playing as he has only had it a week. More learning the basics of rhythm, circular breathing and the basic drone required. It turns our Karra isn’t a huge fan of the noise, as she jumped off the PC and hid when I played the video!

For anyone with a good memory, this is indeed the same Rich as was featured on this site a couple of years back with his graffiti videos.

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Jan 31 2010

Signs you’ve drunk enough… 1…

Category: TweetsChrisM @ 7:14 pm

Signs you’ve drunk enough… 1 you’re looking at the karaoke menu at the in-laws. 2 you can’t decide between the Beatles and Blink182 …

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Jan 17 2010

Warm Cats

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 8:02 pm

It hasn’t quite yet got to the point that we are looking into whether fitness regimes exist for felines, but Karra and Muska are definitely well insulated from the winter cold recently. If they went outside at all, this would bea benefit, but as they are most definitely apartment cats, this isn’t an issue. We are trying to watch how much we feed them, and harden ourselves against Muska’s plaintive meows for meat when we cook, but this all really started when we had them spayed. Is that the right term for female cats? Basically they won’t be producing little kittens any time. Since then, they gained a few pounds, though they do at least seem to have stabilsed at their current cuddliness.

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Jan 09 2010

Playing And Dancing At The In-Laws’

Category: Anna's VideosChrisM @ 9:01 am

Still on the 13th December, first we have Anna discovering again that the cats Irina’s parents’ house aren’t as afraid as Karra and Muska back at our flat. In fact Anna often offers up her greeting of a friendly head butt to the tummy, without the cats running away! Then we have a couple of short videos of Anna dancing in the house, and then a little clapping.

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Dec 09 2009

Wet Sound

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:24 pm

OK, so having checked through SEO SearchTerms 2’s output so far,

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have all brought people to this site.

I’ve stopped at the point where search terms only bought me less than 10 visitors since I installed the plugin. You can see from the list that the sonic focus drivers error message that I encountered a long time ago are by far and away the biggest crowd pulled, closely followed by the floods in Gloucestershire (specifically Tewksbury) back in 2007. That second one is all down to Irina spotting some photos online that other people seem to find interesting, I guess.

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Dec 05 2009

Another Potential ICHC Submittal?

Category: Dasha&Kittens,PicturesChrisM @ 2:01 am

This time we have Kara sat in one of her favourite places in our flat – way up high, next to the ceiling, on top of a cupboard in the kitchen. She jumps from the floor to a work surface (naughty, don’t go there, which is normally met with a look of disinterest), from there to the top of the fridge/freezer, a small hop up to a shelf, and then a little jump left onto the cupboard.
I love the green laser eyes 🙂

Kara Scans The Room

Kara Scans The Room


Nov 03 2009

One Kitten Left To Find A Home For

Category: Dasha&Kittens,Kazakhstan,VideosChrisM @ 2:58 am

Completely out of order (I’ve written and post-dated about a dozen Anna related posts in the last couple of days), but as we’re talking about trying to find a new home for just one more kitten, I thought I’d post this video out of sync. We have mini-Kara – the black one, who has already been adopted. The two other kittens not in the video have also gone. However, Mini-Muska, the second kitten in this video, is still looking for a good home in Astana. Free to a loving potential owner.

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Oct 15 2009

10 And A Half Weeks

Category: Friends,Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 2:12 pm

starring DanD. Not a low budget remake of a classic 80s movie, but instead some photos from his birthday meal that are a little late in being posted. We were still able to eat outside at the time, and so he chose Tiflis, a Georgian restaurant here in Astana. Badger lady hasn’t been seen in a long time (a singer with a badger/Pepé Le Pew style hair colouring), but there was a man singing along to some karaoke. Dan had had enough drinks to decide that we should all hear his dulcet tones, however the singer explained that he charged people to use the microphone!

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Aug 31 2009

Backwards Is The New Forwards?

Category: Anna's Photos,Anna's Videos,Dasha&KittensChrisM @ 6:04 pm

hmmmm, another post where WordPress decides that I didn’t really want to use the built in gallery function, and leaves the images orphaned without a post assigned to them. Well anyway, these photos were taken on the 31st of August, and we have now finally reached the end of the backlog. Here you can see Anna starting to learn how to use objects to assist in standing up (hands near her for the inevitable wobbly moments, obviously). Although she can now roll with gay abandon, and crawl backwards, Anna still doesn’t seem to want/be able to coordinate moving forwards. However, given that forwards it same really as horizontally rotating 180 degrees, then moving backwards, she still seems able to get where she wants. Namely off the safe, clean playing area we lay down here or at the inlaws, and onto the much more interesting carpet.
To round off this post, we have a shot of Kara using Anna’s nappy changing mat as a stalking area to pounce on Muska the next time she enters the living room.

Anna Selecting The Next Toy To Play With

Anna Selecting The Next Toy To Play With

Kara Waits To Ambush Muska

Kara Waits To Ambush Muska

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