Oct 10 2011

Anna’s Progress

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Just a quick post to keep people updated with how things are going here for Anna. Since we moved over from Astana, we have been trying to make sure that Anna was slowly getting used to behaving like a little girl, rather than a large baby!
The first thing we did was to stop using her special high chair at meal times. Now obviously we were not looking for an armchair or lounge chairs to place at the dining table, but given that she isn’t quite tall enough to comfortably sit on a dining room chair and reach her food easily, we originally put a few folded up blankets under her. This was OK for a couple of weeks, but then she decided that sitting like Mummy, Daddy, Nana and John would be her preferred position.
I’m writing this post having just returned from taking Anna swimming again. Although we took her to lessons in Astana almost two years ago, that was in a huge paddling pool, and was really just to get her used to being in the water. Over here we are taking her to a lesson each week (when possible) and/or just some free time in the pool.
Although she has had her own “proper” bed to sleep on (rather than a cot/crib) in Astana for a while now, this visit was the first time she used a big girl’s bed here in Clydach. Other than moving the bed-side table further away from the bed (in case she falls out, having a wooden corner to break her fall didn’t seem to clever) we haven’t had to make any other furniture based changes.

Relaxing In A Chair

Yes, OK, I admit that I chose that picture because I think it will cause a few of this site’s male readers to actually read the post! Anyway, why are we trying to ensure that a lot of Anna’s behaviour and accessories from her baby years are altered or removed? Because when her little brother is born (he was due a couple of days ago!), and eventually starts using them himself, we didn’t want Anna to see this as her brother stealing “her” things, but rather him going through the same processes as she already has. “I’m a big girl who doesn’t need these things” rather than “My little brother arrived and now I can’t do lots of things I used to be allowed to!”. If I’ve not spoken with you recently, and we’re not connected on facebook, this post may be the first time you have heard Irina is pregnant; everything is going fine, no problems so far, and although her due date was a few days ago, that is using the UK ETA – Kazakh doctors reckoned she wouldn’t give birth until a week later.
Finally, we have potty training (round 2)! Although Anna had used a potty first thing in the morning since she was able to sit up unassisted, when we took her back to Kazakhstan, she straight out refused to sit on one! Rather than forcing the issue, we had originally hoped she would warm to the idea on her own. We now have a combined step/potty/toilet seat adapter, and during the daytime she now wears big girl’s knickers (with only a couple of accidents so far), though night time or long car journeys would probably be asking a bit too much too soon of her, so nappy supplies are still on hand. The step is used to reach sinks (so she can wash her own hands) and kitchen surfaces when she cooks etc.
Anyway, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Anna will continue to (overall) happily shed her baby habits and furniture, so when the newest Merriman addition arrives, no ill will will surface towards him from Anna.

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Jun 14 2010

Rugby Shirts

Category: Anna's PhotosChrisM @ 11:37 pm

Taken on the 26th of February, here we have a couple of shots featuring Anna in a Wales rugby shirt, kindly being put into place by John, before we settled down to watch the match. Also another shot of Anna with her little backpack on, because (we think) she looks just so cute 🙂

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May 24 2010

Mum Coming To Kazakhstan Again!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:31 pm

In a little over four months, Mum will be coming to see us here in Kazakhstan again 🙂 Although we had all been hoping this would be possible, since she bought the idea up, with my younger brother and Roz having had a child recently, another bargain holiday for Mum and John found on eBay and the prices for plane tickets to Astana, nothing was guaranteed. We have told Anna that her Nana is coming over, and she points at the photo of her and John, so she might even understand what we’re talking about 🙂 We are all really looking forward to seeing Mum again, and I’m pretty sure Mum will be looking forward to seeing her granddaughter.
Now all I need to do is control my online purchasing, and try not to take Mum over her baggage allowance. If you visit relatives via road, gifts can be reasonably bulky, however as the flight isn’t direct, and you only get 20 kilos, I might need to limit myself to some Shreddies, Orange squash and a couple of powered USB hubs 🙂
Mum did find an airline called Baltic Air (a sort of Ryanair/EasyJet equivalent based in the Baltics) and although their prices were almost half of the next cheapest fare (Turkish Airlines), the reviews indicated that this wouldn’t necessarily be a wise choice to make.
Anyway, John (and Gwen obviously) will be staying in Britian, so we’ll have to wait until out next trip to the UK for a reunion with them, but we’re over the moon that Mum/Carol/Nana is coming to Kazakhstan again 🙂

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Oct 12 2009

Happy Birthday Bro

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:35 am

As you have most likely guessed from this post’s title, today (12th October – we’re just into that day over here in Kazakhstan, and I doubt he’ll read this in the 4 or so hours left of the 11th of October back in Britain) is my brother’s birthday. He already has the best present he could wish for, as his Facebook friend’s and reader’s of John’s blog already know. I’ll post on that soon.

Happy Birthday Nick Merriman

I hope you have a great day with your family and friends, and that you stay sober enough to remember it Tuesday morning 🙂

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Jun 29 2009

Gwen Guarding & Ineffective Curries

Category: Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 11:48 pm

Just under a week before Anna’s birth (and already almost a week since the due date), Irina is resting on the sofa at Mum & John’s in Clydach. Gwen had already been following Ira around most of the time, obviously sensing that something was a little different, and that she might appreciate the company.

Ira resting with Gwen on the sofa

Ira resting with Gwen on the sofa

A couple of days later, we had resorted to the old wives tale about hot curries bringing on labour, and so John and Ira drove off to a local respected curry house. They explained what they wanted, and although Irina seemed to enjoy the curry once they had returned home and unboxed it, unless there is a four day gap between consumption and effect, it didn’t seem to do that much.

Irina with a curry in Clydach

Irina with a curry in Clydach

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Jun 28 2009

Anna Beneath Hands

Category: Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 6:58 am

Decided this post didn’t quite belong in the Anna’s Photos category – although she is sort of included in the shot 🙂
There are a couple of other pictures I want to post before returning to ‘proper’ Anna photos, which should be catching up to real time over the next fortnight or so. The Amsterdam 2007 series of posts should also be completed soon.
This particular shot was taken by John in his studio, but I don’t think he is using this one in his book, so I’ve uploaded it here.

Ira Chris Hands Anna Below

Ira Chris Hands Anna Below

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Feb 28 2009

Harvested And Distributed

Category: Anna's Photos,PersonalChrisM @ 5:34 pm

As I recently mentioned, we finally managed to get around to collecting all of Anna’s photos into one place, so I can now start posting them here for family and friends to see. Apologies for the three week delay in getting these up, but TBH I’ve not had a lot of spare time recently, for some reason 🙂

This shot was taken when the first batch of ‘Congratulations’-type cards arrived. I think this is one of the pictures that will make it into Anna’s book that John and Irina are producing.
Anna's Cards

Next we have a close up shot that was taken on the 28th of February
28th February 2009 Close Up

OK, that’s all for now as the food shopping needs to be put away downstairs.

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Jan 13 2009

Live Reporting And A SHOCK Revelation

Category: Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 12:56 pm

The drop side crib has finally arrived today 🙂

Irina and John are currently in the spare room constructing it. I have taken the sensible route of being on hand if something heavy requires moving, and otherwise not complicating arguments on construction techniques by taking a few photos and hiding in the study 🙂

If all goes well, we now have a cot for upstairs, a pushchair/pram/car seat combo for transport (they won’t let you leave the hospital with a new born unless you have car seat&transport sorted already)/clothing and toys galore to cover the upcoming months. Thanks to all the friends and family who have found such lovely things 🙂

(Normal non-emotional/family centred blogging will most likely end in around 18-21 years 😉 )

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Dec 31 2008

Almost There

Category: Friends,Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 8:17 pm

This is just a quick post to wish this site’s readers a very Happy New Year.

We currently have Marilyn & Peter over (Chris & Tim’s parents), as well as John’s son and daughter-in-law and their kids, with midnight fast approaching. To our American visitors, I hope you are warming up to the evening well, to my UK amigos, just under four hours to go. To my Kazakh readers, Snovum Goddum, hope you are already having a great 2009. (Over there, Western Xmas is barely noticed, Orthodox Xmas is observed, but New Year is the big deal.) Big HELLO to Walton, Assel, DavidG, ChrisK, The Dans & their respective familys, DrKen, lovely friendly Northern bloke I’ve temporarily forgotten the name of, Mel, the in-laws, Dana & Assen, Mira, Bayen & son and everyone else – thanks to all for your support over the last year/months (delete as applicable 🙂 ).
With Arriving to Britain, settling in, Christmas, New Year, and the baby due in February, it is possible that site will see a few less posts in the future, however the blog will remain here (assuming I remember to renew the hosting 🙂 ), and I’ll try to get back to regular posting ASAP.

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Aug 27 2007

(Free) WordPress Blogs Are Offline In Turkey

Category: Aware Or Conspiracy Nut...,In The MediaChrisM @ 2:46 am

WordPress.com has been officially blocked in Turkey! Although that does not effect this blog, anyone who uses the WordPress server to host their own free blog will find that Turkish people are unable to access their blog! There are of course ways to circumvent this issue, however for the average Turkish internet user, any friends who have a WordPress hosted blog, will no longer be contactable via their site. For some background info from the man who actually created the WordPress software, check his post here.
This blog is not affected, as I only use the WordPress software on my own server, so the IP range that has been blocked does not include me. However, if anyone tried to reach John’s Blog, they would get an error message. Which reminds me – JOHN, WRITE A POST, IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG… SO LONG IN FACT EVEN YOUR BLOG IS COMPLAINING!

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