Feb 04 2012

Anna and John inspect the fres…

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Anna and John inspect the freshly snowed upon drive here in Clydach http://t.co/iZR630yY

John & Anna

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Jan 31 2012

Nick’s Wedding

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I didn’t include these in the August post from last month, as there are a lot. We came back to Britain in time to be at Nick (my brother) and Roz’s wedding. It was down in Cornwall, where they live, so a very beautifully pregnant Irina, Anna, myself, Mum & John went for a holiday in a cottage near Falmouth, giving us plenty of time to see them and unwind in the Summer sun. I think it was our first week long holiday since Dubai back in 2003 (money that would otherwise be saved for vacations tends to pay for plane tickets between Britain and Kazakhstan), so it was very refreshing to break the routine. Anyway, enough typing for now, here are the pictures. I’ll try to caption July & August’s photo galleries soon.

Too many photos to label them all, feel free to ask questions about any that interest you.

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Jan 20 2012

Friends back in Astana-whoever…

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Friends back in Astana-whoever is in G&R next,please thank a barman 4introducing me2 Long Island Iced Tea.Mum, John & I sampling my attempts

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Jan 15 2012

Amsterdam – 5th January

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I’m going to write a few posts and include a few of the photos from last week’s Amsterdam trip. As this post is focused on the 1st day of the trip, it should have details of getting into the Netherlands at just past midday, a smooth journey into Central station, meeting ChrisB and checking into our houseboat, and meeting online friends in real life.

Unfortunately, the first flight was cancelled. This meant potentially hanging around Cardiff International Airport for six hours or so. Luckily, John came back to take me out for a pub lunch. Upon my return, I was once more ready to go with my hand luggage packed tight, tickets to hand etc. etc. Once again, it was not to be, as Schipol airport was still having weather problems, and not accepting any flights from Cardiff that day. This left me a little peeved off, and KLM put me into a taxi to get to Heathrow for their last flight to Amsterdam. Even with clear roads it would have been pushing it, but I was a little late arriving to Heathrow. However, as there were a lot of delayed flights, I didn’t end up missing it.

Finally I got into Amsterdam with most of Thursday gone, but at least I was there! Skipping the planned tram card and local SIM card sourcing, I dumped my bags at a locker in Central Station, and used TomTom to ensure I was wandering in the right direction for Nes – where I had arranged to meet ChrisB (and in fact where I had arranged to meet some friends from the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory a lot earlier in the day). Although Nes allows smoking in their bar, they don’t sell anything to smoke, just alcohol. ChrisB had been talking to a few people though, and one of them had gifted us a little something to tide us over until the morning. After a few beers and vodkas to sooth my frayed nerves, ChrisB pointed out the way to our houseboat, and a few hours later, we were both sleeping on a gently bobbing boat.

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Dec 29 2011

Speedy recovery 4my bro&his st…

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Speedy recovery 4my bro&his stomach.Hope OK by NYE at absolute latest.Mum&John back from anniversary break in hotel.Dad over4few days.Happy.

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Oct 29 2011

John’s Photos – Tim’s First Week

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Just a quick post here, for people who haven’t yet ventured over to CeltPhotographic.com or seen them on facebook yet…

First we have Anna proudly displaying her World’s Best Big Sister t-shirt
Anna Merriman - Big Sister!

Then we have a few from when Tim was still yet to arrive, and Irina looking great 🙂
Irina Merriman
Irina Merriman
Ira Merriman
Irina Merriman
Ira Merriman

Now we have one of Anna, then a few of our family together…
Anna On Her New Phone!
Irina, Tim & Anna
Irina, Tim, Anna & Chris Merriman
The Merrimans Smiling!

Finally, we have some of just Tim…
Tim Merriman
Tim Merriman
Tim Merriman
Tim Merriman

OK, next I’ll find those YouTube videos that are waiting to be embedded.

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Oct 24 2011

Anna And Tim Photos

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I should have mentioned in my last post, all these pictures are coming from John’s blog (Celt Photographic). I’ll have a look through his facebook pictures as well, and at some point in the future check through our camera’s contents.
Anyway, the first photo is from the 21st of April, and shows Nana (my mum) holding Tim on the sofa, with Gwen (freshly shorn) once more in guard duty mode.

Carol Kavanagh, Gwen And Tim Merriman

Carol Kavanagh, Gwen And Tim Merriman

Then we have Anna having a bubbly bath on the 22nd of October. Overall, she is doing pretty well with suddenly having a new member in our family. She understood he was on his way, and they day she met him in the hospital was caught on video, I’ll have to check if I uploaded it to YouTube yet from John’s camera. (I was at home grabbing a nap before driving anywhere!). Anyway, back to the photo…

Anna's Bath Canards

Anna's Bath Canards

Anna With Suds On A Sponge

Anna With Suds On A Sponge

More to come later.

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Oct 21 2011

Every1 now back @ home.Anna se…

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Every1 now back @ home.Anna seems proud of her little brother.We’ll try & put up a proper post with pics soon.Check JohnK’s facebook account

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Oct 20 2011

Beautiful baby boy born at 7.4…

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Beautiful baby boy born at 7.46am this morning. 9lb 8oz (4.3 kg). Mother&child doing fine.Singleton hospital staff great.Anna with Nana&John

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Oct 20 2011

Tim Has Arrived!

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Excuse the lack of long posts recently. With Tim (obviously) arriving at an unknown time (7.46am, 20th October in the end), I’ve not been able to commit much time to just sitting down and writing about news from Kazakhstan or even catching up with Anna’s pictures. I’ll try and get some pictures of Tim up this weekend, but in the mean time check out Celt Photographic (John’s blog) for some pictures, or head on over to one of our facebook profiles.
There you go, wrote this on Friday and didn’t have time to finish it off or publish it, sorry.

I have included a few photos below taken straight from John’s blog…

OK, as with Anna, Tim had his domain name registered and a basic blog put in place shortly after his birth. Any posts on this blog that are photos or videos of him will be automatically imported to his site, for people who don’t want to visit for anything else. Weirdly enough, his site can be found at TimMerriman.com.
The date and time of this post has been recorded as Tim’s birthday.

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