Sep 15 2007

What If…

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Things had happened a little differently in Russia, around 1917? Many historians have debated as to the exact order of events around the time of the revolution, and for a long time some people claimed they were the sole survivors of the Tsar’s family.
We now know that no one survived the assassinations, however when I came across a fellow blogger who was writing short stories, I suggested alternative history as a genre, and that the main character be called Ekzhol. I have no idea if that name is viable, or even if it could mean something rude, so my apologies to anyone who either giggles or seems embarrassed by it.
Anyway, Jenn Scott has now finished the story and published it on her Before I Am Famous blog. Do check out her writings, and in case you come across this post after her story has slipped from the front page, you can access the post directly here – Preservation.
My thanks to her for taking the time to do the research and write the story, I hope my readers will consider adding her blog to their list of sites they regularly check 🙂

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