Jun 21 2010


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There will be quite a few more pictures from 9gag coming soon, I’ve got a lot bookmarked for future reference, but for now, check out the picture and related video from Meanwhile, In Japan.

Meanwhile, In Japan

As you’ll see in the comments section over there, someone helpfully posted the music video that this still shot was taken from, see below.

I was impressed that the bouffant (I think it is a little beyond a quiff) of the main guy in the video and seen in the picture seemed to survive walking around outside. I wonder how many cans of hair spray he gets through though? I need to remember to add 9gag to the LOL page here soon.

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Nov 02 2009

Lucky21842 Live

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So Lucky is planning to give a live webcast later on today, at around 6pm (our time – should be midday in Britain, 8am on the East Coast in American, and 9pm in Japan?)
Anyway, here is the man himself explaining a little more in a YouTube vid he uploaded on the subject.

I’m going to be teaching an English lesson around that time, but hopefully there’ll be some sort of archive so I can play it back, even if real time interaction is out the window…
So, head over there if you want to ask an American living in Almaty, Kazakhstan what life is like (though he probably answered a lot of your questions in his other YouTube videos, so go and watch a few first 🙂 ).

Oh, the BlogTV URL is here.

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Oct 25 2008

Virtual Homicide Leads To Real Life Incarceration!

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Unless you are into your MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games), you probably won’t recognise the game MapleStory. I definitely didn’t though a quick Wiki gave me some info.


So, a lady in Japan has been arrested and transported more than 600 miles to Sapporo’s prison, after she was found to have killed her husband. Except she wasn’t married. Nor did she physically hurt anyone.
As you may have guessed by the intro to this post, she killed off her MapleStory husband within the game, after being unceremoniously divorced in-game. The article on this doesn’t mention how she found out his login and password, but she proceeded to pretend to be him, and kill of his in-game character. The actual charge against her is “illegally accessing a computer and manipulating data”. If found guilty, and the judge doesn’t see the absurdity of the situation, she faces up to five years in prison AND a $5,000 fine!

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Oct 16 2008

White Skinny Dipping

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Head over here for the BBC report, or if you find their streaming video has problems with your internet connection, see the following three YouTube videos. On what? Well in case you missed out on the news, a British man dove into the Moat surrounding the Emperor’s residence in Tokyo. The undeniable facts are that he was naked, not likely to get cold this winter with his in-built insulation, either a litttle unhinged or drunk, and splashed water and threw bricks when the police attempted to catch him.

Thanks to Japan Probe for the following picture (and preceding videos)…
Mad Naked Brit In Japan

So why my interest?
Well I saw the following image over at Pundit Kitchen, and wanted to find out more about the background to it.
Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

So what happened to the crude and aggressive tourist? Detained under the equivalent of Japan’s Metal Health Act? Received a good public beating after throwing bricks around? No, he had a slap on the wrists and was released! At least according to the Daily Telegraph’s article.

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Jun 11 2008

Based On An ISP Theme

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The recent comment flurry over at the Broadishband Got Narrower post reminded me I had a few bookmarks ready to post news about ISPs back in Britain. Read on if you have a moment…

I thought I had already written a couple of posts about the Phorm scheme in Britain, but I can’t find any reference searching through the last few months. Anyway, the idea is relatively simple, internet users have their site history (anonymously) analysed to ensure that adverts displayed are relevant to their interests. Whilst BT, and other ISPs, have stated that certain topics will be excluded (medicine, adult and political-orientated sites I believe), many people and organisations are very concerned at the possible privacy issues. Anyway, BT are a little uncomfortable, as an internal report revealed that trials were carried out without the consent of the ISP’s customers. Check out here for more info.

Sticking with the ISP theme, here we have one article on the proposed voluntary code for ISPs when advertising their speeds and data limits. In Britain, many ISPs used to advertise ‘unlimited’ 8Mbit connections, with users eagerly signing up. When these same users found connections sometimes around the 3-4Mbit range, and their downloads either blocked due to AUP (Acceptable Use Policies) or their PeerToPeer applications’ bandwidth throttled (or ‘shaped’), people began to complain. To be fair, unless you live IN the local telephone exchange, you will never get an 8Mbit connection when the account is for ‘up to’ 8Mbit, and if every customer was downloading movies (public domain ones only of course) 24/7, either everyone’s speeds would suffer, or the ISP would have to invest in so much hardware that prices would inevitably rocket. All most consumers want (those that have a clue about the reality of the industry at least), is plain English to be used in any communications from the ISP, clearly stating what approximate speed can be expected, and just how much data can be downloaded per month, without incurring restrictions.

Finally, we have a report stating that Britain’s internet infrastructure needs to be intelligently upgraded, for the economic and social benefits to be reaped soon. Although Japan and a few Nordic countries already have widespread <100Mbit trials or even standards in place, Britain has stopped around the 24Mbit mark, and even then if you don't live in the right area, 8Mbit is the theoretical ceiling (possibly LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) related?). Compare that to the speeds found in Kazakhstan, and you could easily ask what people are getting their knickers in a twist about, but the cold hard truth is that if the UK wants to stay at the front of the line, when it comes to enjoying the benefits of next-gen technology, it can't afford to faff about forever arguing over costs and timescales. (Orchestral Movements in the Dark's song Dream of Me (Based on Love's Theme) for some reason was in my head when I was trying to think of a post title, in case anyone cares about the root of it).

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May 29 2008

Cat Lands On Its Feet

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The following pictures are of a cat Tama, who lives in Kishi railway station in Japan. Unfortunately, the Wakayama Electric Railway company had to lay off all their staff at that station a couple of years ago.
However, Tama, who was originally a stray, has bought in enough tourists that the company has seen profits increase some 10%!

Tama Station Master Cat

Whether or not Tama is happy enough wearing the cap (I’m guessing it is only put on for photos?), is difficult to tell, but his role as ‘station master’ means he gets fed properly every day, and even had a ticket booth converted to a home…

Tama Station Master Cats Home

No news on who the fellow cat is, and whether the 2nd cat is responsible for announcements or not, but given that many Japanese believe cats to be good luck, many passengers on the railway line are really only attending the station for the sake of meeting the cat, rather than commuting!

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May 28 2008

(Un?)Lucky Traveller

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One passenger who arrived in Japan’s Narita airport left with a little present from customs in their luggage – just over five ounces of weed! Before any friends start making travel plans, I should point out that this was a mistake, not some sort of bizarre lottery. The story is that a customs official placed the cannabis (no one seems to know what strain it was) in a member of the public’s suitcase; normally this is done with dummy suitcases, to check that the sniffer dogs were capable of detecting narcotics.
Unfortunately, the dog on patrol did not notice the marijuana, and as the drug had been wrongly placed in a ‘live’ suitcase, rather than the normal airport’s own property, it left the airport.

Sad Dog

Some sources have placed the value of the drugs at £5000, though this seems as though the press are doing their normal no-clue guesstimate, as this would mean each Oz was worth £1000. This would mean an eighth cost £125 – not even premium bud comes anywhere near that value, unless Japan has a truly horrendous mark up on their grass.

Wow, turns out that price may not have been so unrealistic – IF they sold it in teenths, rather than bulk…

Japan Overpriced Weed

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May 27 2008

Polly Wanted To Go Home

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The BBC have a story on a parrot in Japan that went missing. Luckily, it is an African Grey Parrot, which are apparently renowned for their comparative intelligence and ability to learn multiple phrases.
Its owner had taught the bird (Yosuke) to recite the name and address of where they lived (amongst other party pieces, like pop songs!), so when police caught the bird, it began talking to the vet it was entrusted to. A little research later, and they discovered the pet’s owner, and reunited them. Awwww 🙂


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May 13 2008

Wrinkly Teens Rejoicing

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At least those that smoke and live in Japan they are…
The BBC have a report on how Japanese cigarette vending machine companies are coping with a new law. (Did you know you have to be over 20 to buy fags there?!?). Anyway, pretty soon, any companies responsible for selling tobacco products to under age consumers can be fined, even if the sale is automatic, rather than in a shop with a real live sales assistant.

Young Addict

The idea is that onboard cameras will check the face of the purchaser, and if they don’t have the right sags, wrinkles and facial structure of someone who is at least 20, the machine will ask for ID to approve the sale. This does raise the question of how the machine would ever know if one (old looking) person in a young group was to purchase multiple packs for their baby-faced friends, but it is a start…

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May 03 2008

Man vs. Machine

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This is taken from a TV show (Japan? Korea?) where I’m guessing you were supposed to guess who would win in a downhill race – motor bike or man.
To even things out a little, the man has wheels attached to many parts of his limbs, and appears to be well versed in this sport already.
In case that made no sense, watch the video 🙂

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